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“In our process we’re very aware of traditional methods and formal training but also not afraid to stray and experiment outside of convention, so the result is often a classic design drawn from unique inspirations or methods.”

You know what they say about a great jazz musician—he has to be classically trained, know all of the notes as written, before he can improvise. The same could be said of Rachel and Andrew, partners at Yield Design Co. Rachel studied architecture for a bit, before moving on to get a degree in industrial design. Andrew’s got a degree in graphic design and an MBA in design strategy. All this schoolin’ means that they know all the notes by heart—it is the beauty and chaos of life in San Francisco that has encouraged them to improvise in the most awesome ways. Each of their gorgeous, utilitarian goods ties “progressive design with thoughtful craft.” And it sounds (and looks and works) oh-so good. show more

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