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Noe Valley, SF

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“I don’t sketch. Most people think this is crazy for a designer. Instead of drawing it, I write it down in a notebook... Then I just make it. I’ll go through several prototypes, but I learn more this way; I know the materials better, what works and doesn’t, and what I want to change.”

With a degree in Fine Arts, Lisa went to work as an “arteeest’’ after college, teaching art in public schools around SF and sharing her vision in residency at UCSF’s Mount Zion Cancer Center. It was this--helping other people--that inspired her to get her Master’s in Clinical Psychology. And as much as she loved it, she missed the act of being creative. A series of random, improbable events (also known as: LIFE) led her back to teaching art again. Pregnant and overflowing with creativity, she started a collection inspired by the inherit uniqueness of this city. Soon enough, she was selling full time, a creator once again--this time in the art of romantic, refined, and always illuminating accessories. show more

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