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So you make cool stuff? Hey, we dig that about you. And our audience should dig it, too. Scoutmob SHOPPE is our way to connect users to the best of independently-made goods, and also share the stories and vision that make these creations come to life. (We happen to think this connection is what makes shopping so dang awesome.) Let us connect our 1+ million users to all the stuff we dig about you.

Take a peek as a sample artist page.
Why would I want to be in Shoppe?
We're looking to promote and sell you as an artist just as much as your products. Shoppe is tremendous exposure to over 1 million users from around the country.
What kind of products are you looking for?
Independently made goods. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, houseware, art, etc. We're fond of anything that has a unique story, a creative vision, or a reputation of handmade quality that only comes from independent makers like you.
How long does my product stay on Shoppe?
We will keep your stuff up 'til it sells out or you tell us when to take it down. We figure, 'Why limit our customers?' People should be able to shop around and peruse the site at their leisure -- not act on a "flash" sale. We can rotate inventory with the seasons, and we can also restock stuff as it sells out. We're flexible like that.
What is a good quantity?
We're flexible. Ideally we'd like 50-250 of bulk products (prints, tees, totes) and 10-20 of time-intensive low-quantity products. One-of-a-kind vintage is good too... where your quantity speaks for itself.
How does shipping work?
We will send you a daily sales summary that you will use to fulfill your orders. You can print packing slips directly from our vendor portal, and track customer shipments real-time. We pay for all shipping costs.
What is Shoppe's cut?
Think of us as a branded online retailer - where we curate the best independently-made goods around the country and actively promote them to our user base. We typically mark-up your wholesale prices 100%, and then offer a slight discount off that to our members in order to incentivize sales volume. We have found this to be a proven selling strategy and also leaves a bit for us to pay the bills. You make your wholesale cost and we cover shipping.
If you make cool stuff and would like to be on Shoppe, apply by filling out this form. If you were contacted by us asking you to apply please only use the application link sent to you in the email