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Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee (Vinings)

50% off Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee (Vinings)
The Scoop: There seems to be no shortage of "off the beaten path" businesses in Atlanta. But this...
The Scoop: There seems to be no shortage of "off the beaten path" businesses in Atlanta. But this coffee house, steps from the banks of the Chattahoochee River and tucked deep inside an apartment complex, might just take the cake. In a speakeasy kind of way, Land of a Thousand Hills is one of those places that you have to know about—there's no stumbling upon it. Well, now you know. And after you've changed up your typical coffeehouse ambience for the sounds of nature and the taste of doing good, you probably won't want to turn back.

As a Betty Ford-level caffeine addict, I must say, I am not usually picky about where I consume my coffee. But after I pulled into the gates of the Walton on the Chattahoochee complex, drove down the complex's main road, and pulled up in front of what looked like a mountain lodge just feet from the river and feeling like miles away from Atlanta, I never wanted to set foot in any generic coffee chain again. Sitting outside on Land of a Thousand Hills' wraparound porch, watching geese splash around in the river and canoers glide by, a little light switched on in my brain. Why not enjoy my coffee in the middle of nature? After all, the last time I saw any kind of fowl splashing around in a body of water while I had my morning sips, it was probably a fat pigeon bathing itself in a mud puddle outside of a downtown Starbucks. Needless to say, the Chattahoochee version of this scene is way beyond better. Just inside the perimeter, the place feels miles and miles away from any city. It's enough to make you start having those thoughts -- you know the ones. "I could do this every day. I could move to the foothills of the Appalachians and just commute every day. How bad could it be?" Well, don't pack up your knapsack just yet. You can just trade up from iPod music to duck-quacking right up the road.

It gets better. That tasty coffee you're drinking while you admire nature isn't just helping stimulate your creativity. It's also helping to invest in a community, bring families together, and rebuild a war-torn country. The coffee is purchased direct from Rwandan farmers at fair trade prices, shipped to Georgia, roasted right up the road in Roswell, and served no later than a week later in your coffee cup. Owner Jonathan and his team have been helping to rebuild the local economies in Rwanda with Land of a Thousand Hills' direct-trade program since 2004. And from first-hand experience of tasting the fruits of that program, I can tell you this: doing good tastes good, too.

Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Sunday, 12 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Land of a Thousand Hills is located in the Walton on the Chattahoochee apartment complex. Take the visitor entrance into the complex, dial the coffeehouse (phone button then 101) on the callbox, and follow the signs to instant coffee/nature bliss.

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