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Piassa Ethiopian Restaurant

50% off Piassa Ethiopian Restaurant
Scout Notes: There's no place like home, and while Ethiopia might be seven thousand miles away, t...
There's no place like home, and while Ethiopia might be seven thousand miles away, the Ethiopian community who frequent Piassa are getting as close to back home as one can find in Atlanta. Tradition, cultural pride, and a place to kick back in a booth with a cold glass of talla: that's what owner Dagim wanted to offer the Ethiopian community when he opened the restaurant and market just outside of Decatur less than a year ago. What has become a place for expats to reminisce and enjoy their favorite traditional dishes is also a place for non-Ethiopians to soak up and learn about the culture, traditions, and complex cooking of another country. Sure, if it's just injera and a big, beautiful veggie combo platter you're after, there are plenty of places where you can go. But you might not be surrounded by artwork of Ethiopian kings, or witness the traditional coffee ceremony, or sip that talla in the designated talla-drinking booth. And where's the fun — and adventure — in that?

Entering Piassa's dim restaurant from the bright, stark adjacent market is quite literally like night and day. And from the moment you pass through the beaded entrance into the restaurant space and are greeted by a calfhide sign of the traditional "Welcome" gesture, you're miles away from Decatur. "Feel Like Home" is painted on the archway over the VIP booth, and it's clear that Piassa's whole goal is to offer diners an authentic slice of life in Ethiopia, whether "home" means Atlanta or Addis Ababa. From the faux hens roosting on the roof of the talla booth to the woven mosob tabletops, Piassa is all about authenticity, and Dagim is all about making his guests feel welcome. Whether you're a wizard with the injera and can identify each one of those kings on the wall, or you've never left the safety net of forks and Western restaurants in your life, everyone is meant to feel welcome (remember that welcome sign at the entrance?) and comfortable. While the goat tibs and kitfo coming out of the kitchen are delicious, you don't really come to Piassa just for the food. You come to gather around a straw mosob, to try the tej honey wine, to hear live Ethiopian bands play on the weekends, to eat with your hands, to learn about a culture, and to really, truly feel at home, no matter where that might be.

Menu Highlights:
Beef Tibs, $10.50
Kitfo Special, $13.99
Tongue & Kidney Combo, $10.99
Veggie Combo, $10.50
Lamb Tibs, $12.50
Fish Tibs, $14.50

Monday - Sunday, 10 a.m. - Midnight

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