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Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery

50% off Hodgepodge Coffeehouse & Gallery
It's the antithesis of dark, library-like cafes, with sunshine streaming through the windows and kitschy, mismatched decor that feels more like a living room than a coffee shop.
When contemplating a place in which to sip a warm, caffeinated elixir, an 80-year-old garage may not exactly be the first locale that comes to mind. But for Krystle, Mauvelette and Lynn, the vacant space was a match made in heaven for the coffee house and art gallery she'd envisioned. Fast-forward a couple years later, and the warehouse-like space is filled with art on the walls, friends, families and neighbors hanging out, and the rather intoxicating scents of scones, biscuits, and (of course) fresh-brewed coffee. And while a bit of an industrial feel hints at the former garage's past, the place couldn't be any more welcoming.

The cheery coffee house is the antithesis of dark, hushed, library-like cafes, with sunshine streaming through the windows, a small play area to keep the wee ones entertained, and kitschy, mismatched furniture lining the living room-like sitting areas that feel straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. I'm fairly confident in saying that there isn't another place quite like it in Atlanta, unless you've found another coffee shop decked out in retro furniture, vintage knick-knacks and a zine library. Indeed, from the Atlanta Zine Library to the writing clubs and knitting groups that meet up here, local art isn't just wall decor for Hodgepodge—they've made it their mission to provide a relaxed space for local artists to show and sell their work, or even just soak up some inspiration while they're sipping that pumpkin spice latte (and take it from us: artist or not, it's pretty impossible to not be inspired by that sweet concoction). Yes, Hodgepodge serves up a great cup of joe, Batdorf-style. Yes, the homemade biscuits and scones might have you making trips back to the counter for seconds. No shame. And, heavens yes, the signature drinks (a la the Ghirdardelli-infused Oso Negro) put the chains to shame. But the family behind Hodgepodge has made it about more than just the coffee. It's a gathering ground for the neighborhood; a place to change your pace, meet some folks, see some work from inspired local artists... and maybe even find a little bit of inspiration yourself.

Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, 9 a.m. -to 5 p.m.

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