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Uncle C's Rib Joint

50% off Uncle C's Rib Joint
This is some of the lip-smacking-est ribs and pulled pork we've ever sunk our chompers into. Who knew a little cart off a busy road could churn out flavor this big?
When a barbecuer can pinpoint the exact time that he perfected his sauce, we know it's good. (We've got 92 out of 100 taste testers who picked it over the likes of KC Masterpiece and Sweet Baby Ray's to back us up here.) And that's precisely what happened to Dru of Uncle C's Rib Joint. Like all great parties, his barbecue prowess began in the backyard of his and his wife's Florida home. Left and right, people raved and drooled over the smoked, meaty goodness flying out of his smoker. But Dru? He just "figured they were being nice." It wasn't until the requests for catering starting coming in that he thought he might be on to something. Boy, was he. It was 1992, and he hadn't even perfected the sauce yet. That fateful day, an afternoon in 1996, is one that Dru won't soon forget. He remembers shouting, "Baby! I got it!" to his wife just as he finally hit on the signature sweet, tangy smooth flavor that made him famous. (Yes, he is practically the Einstein of BBQ.) It's got a kick that hits at the back of your tongue, just enough to catch your attention, mayhaps elicit a "whoa" or two.

And his little mobile cart off the highway is still doing just that. It may be nestled on the side of a parking lot, but Dru runs a tight ship—their health score is 99, off the charts for little cart like his. Out of that quaint mobile unit the meats come, pulled pork and ribs, with hearty brunswick stew (some of the best around), loaded potatoes and homemade mac n' cheese on the side. Have a back-up plan for your order, 'cause baby, those ribs sell out mighty fast.

Menu Highlights:
Daily Special (sandwich, chips and a drink) - $5.00
Brunswick Stew, $5.00
Jerk Chicken, $5.00
Ribs: Slab $25.00, Half $13.00 Loaded Potatos, $4.00

Thursday through Monday, 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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