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Whirlyball Atlanta

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Grab 9 of your closest friends and/or closer enemies, it's time to bond over the most majestic of all sports—Whirlyball. Combining the skillful maneuvering of WhirlyBugs (like bumper cars), plastic scoops and whiffle balls.
What single event rouses the adventurous spirit lying deep within the bellies of all Americans (and if we're lucky, a few Canadians)? Why, the Whirlyball National Tournament, of course. And in 2013, our very own Whirlyball courts of Roswell will be hosting the illustrious competition. The whole place is newly revamped—more space, new carpets, plasma screens—the works. But you, lucky fella, don't have to wait to get in on the action. At this fifteen-ish years young establishment, one simply russles up a group of 9 close friends or (closer) enemies and heads to the court for a game of five-on-five. (Just make your reservation first, these puppies don't last long.)

And once you're on the court, something amazing happens. It's not merely the energy of 10 roaring WhirlyBugs on a 4000 sq foot court, all vying to arch the whiffle ball through the 15 inch backboard. Nor is it the combo of steering said 'Bug whilst brandishing a menacing plastic scoop that tickles our fancy. Nay, this is the time that personalities come zooming out of people—in a flyin' freak flag sort of way. Embrace it. That competitive rush coursing through your veins? It's the 'Merican spirit. While you're seated in your majestic WhirlyBug, you're unstoppable. Each hour of play equals four timed matches, and for the down time—partake in catered party room goodies, or sidle up to the full bar. Play with your co-workers, demolish your friends or build camaraderie in your church group. And once you're hooked? Pop in for Monday night leagues. We bet it'll be less than ten minutes before you crack a grin of sheer giddiness.

Rental Prices:
Hourly Court Rental: $190/hour + $95 per additional half-hour increments
Office Hours:
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Court Hours:
10 a.m. to 2 a.m., 7 days a week

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