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Creations Bakery

50% off Creations Bakery
Sometimes bakeries force us to choose between something that looks awesome and something that tastes awesome. Not here. Every sweet treat is prepped skillfully—with looks and taste to match.
We've sniffed out our fair share of bakeries – most of them pretty darn stupendous. But one thing we've noticed? The baked goods these joints are popping out usually meet one of two criteria. Either they look magnificent (piles of icing, anyone?), or they taste heavenly (though they might not quite look the part). But at Creations Bakery, Jamie has achieved that magical sweet spot in between, and all the cupcakes, cookies and (not so) petit fours she serves don't just look good enough to eat—they taste like it too. She's always had a passion for pastry purveying, and so it wasn't long after her move here, that she began to put her culinary graduate chops to the test.

Everything you could possibly pick out of Creations' gleaming display cases was prepped by hand. And this includes things like the chocolate candies and dipped strawberries. Because, unlike other fakeries, the chocolate isn't some mass-produced, frozen confection. In addition to the standard sweet bakery fare, you'll also find chocolate turtles, brookies (that would be a brownie topped with candied pecans, and then loaded on top with cookie dough) and our favorite—Whoopie Pies. These Pies include mini-chocolate chips, white chocolate and cream cheese, sandwiched between two moist, red velvet pieces. And yes, it looks (and tastes) as good as it sounds.

Menu Highlights:
Brookies, $3.99
Petit Fours, $1.95
Cupcakes, $1.50 – 2.99
Whoppie Pies, $2.99
Lemon Bars, $2.99

Weds. - Fri., 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Sat., 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sun. – Tues., Closed

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