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The Cherry Blossom Salon

50% off The Cherry Blossom Salon
This salon has no snooty stylists, no unbearably bouncy receptionists, no techno beats. Instead, you might listen to some indie rock and eye some local artwork while getting your rockstar treatment.
Imagine giving your typical techno-blasting salon a little makeover: perhaps a couple tattoos, a rad vintage outfit, maybe an enviable art collection. The Cherry Blossom Salon has no snooty scissors-wielding stylists, no unbearably bouncy receptionist, none of those techno beats. Instead, you might be listening to some indie rock and eyeing the local artwork on the wall while a laid-back guy or gal turns you into a rock star with their scissors. The lads and lasses of Cherry Blossom aren't just stylists; they're artists, working their creative magic in their own gallery. And yes, they can take you from a despondent stick figure to a luxurious sculpted work fit for the High in a matter of snips.

Keirsta, the owner and founder of the salon, is an artist herself, and not just of the hair-styling variety. She chose the lofty, bright space just off of Ponce two years ago because it felt modern, gallery-like, and spacious, but not pretentious. And walking in, it feels exactly like a cool, urban space where creativity happens and snobbery doesn't. There's the huge windows, the exposed brick, the hand-painted cherry blossoms on the walls... oh, and the framed art and handmade gifts from local creators. Cherry Blossom is just as much a gallery as it is a salon. So it only makes sense that, in this space, the stylists are artists. After all, they work with shape, color, and form just like a painter or sculptor would, staying up-to-the-minute on the latest hair trends to keep their clients looking snazzy. The salon is a perfect fit for the neighborhood, which just so happens to be the epicenter of intown activity -- between Ponce and North Avenue, next door to Liberty Tattoo, right across from the Local and Bookhouse, and two doors down from the Clermont. Not to mention being a stone's throw from the new Ponce City Market and a hop, skip, and jump away from the Beltline's shiny new Eastside Trail. One hip 'hood, that. And Cherry Blossom does a bang-up job of keeping up with those good-lookin' Joneses.

Women's Cut, $50 - $65
Men's Cut, $35 - $55
Single-Process Color, $65 - $75
Partial Highlight, $90 - $110
Blow Out, $35 - $45

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