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Highland Cigar Co.

50% off Highland Cigar Co.
Part cigar shop, part bar and part lounge, with a full bar of top-notch Scotch and leather chairs so comfortable you need a spatula to pry yourself out, this place is like a Starbucks for real grown-ups.
While there are about fifty cigar shops in Atlanta, Highland Cigar is the only one of its kind. It's part cigar shop, part bar and part lounge, with a full bar of top-notch Scotch and leather chairs so comfortable, you need a spatula to pry yourself out of them. And with WiFi and a work-friendly atmosphere, it's also a way cooler spin on the old “taking your laptop to the coffee shop” routine: instead of coffee and pastries, you get top-shelf Scotch and premium cigars. Owner and founder Brian Mitchell calls it "Starbucks for adults," and we couldn't agree more. After all, who needs a venti latte and a prepackaged muffin when you have a snifter of Macallen single-malt scotch and a big fat Cohiba? That’s how we like to get work done, anyway.

Brian cites cigars as a classic symbol of victory, celebration and royalty. But even if you don’t have anything particularly victorious happening in your life, sinking into these leather chairs and puffing on a Padron will probably make you feel pretty royal. After discovering the joys of unwinding with cigars in business school, Brian spent a decade traveling the world to learn more about cigar culture. And from Paris to Central America, one thing about cigars remains universal, according to Brian: "Cigars are one of the few things that force you to slow down and enjoy what you're doing." In other words, this isn't your ordinary smoke break.

But fear not: whether you're a puff-puff-pro or a total rookie, the staff is here to help without a trace of cigar snobbery. While the walk-in humidor can be a rather intimidating experience for the tobacco virgin, Brian trains each member of his staff in the arts of cigar selection. Their state-of- the-art ventilation system and ban on cigarette smoke completely removes “smokey” out of that whole “smokey bar” equation, leaving you more with a “pleasantly cedar-scented with notes of premium tobacco” type of situation. Though you might feel like one needs a houndstooth jacket, leather elbow patches and a personal haberdasher to enter, the atmosphere at Highland Cigar is totally inclusive. Which means you don't have to be this guy to kick back and enjoy the man cave.

Menu Highlights:
Padron Family Reserve, $40 each
Rocky Patel Sumatra, $10 each
Perdomo Champagne Reserve, $8 each
CAO Flavors, $8 each
Ashton ESG, $27 each
Glenmorangie Lasanta, $10 a glass
Laphroig 10 Year, $12 a glass

Sun. - Thurs., 12 p.m. to Midnight
Fri. & Sat., 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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