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The Pie Hole

50% off The Pie Hole
This cozy barn, nestled at the end of an unassuming gravel drive, churns out apple pies made from three pounds of Granny Smiths, as well as some of the most decadent French Silk pies around.
No matter how hard you try, there are some things in life that just cannot be ignored. And right up there with new installments of a guilt-inducing reality show popping up on Netflix, is a hankerin' for pie. A yearning that Sabrina of The Pie Hole knows all too well. Thankfully, she's set up shop in a cheery, rustic Roswell barn, where she churns out pie after pie for her adoring fans. Sabrina had always exhibited the symptoms of a pie-lover: cherishing the secret recipes from her great-grandmas, whipping up pies for her pals and forever dusting flour off her sleeves. But it wasn't until recently that she realized it had business potential. Though she never trained professionally, her passion for the circular pastry more than makes up for it.

Each pie is made from scratch daily, using the freshest, highest-quality parts around. In fact, Sabrina is so picky when it comes to her ingredients that if it's not in-season, she's not gonna do it. And that's that. Which is why people have already started calling (practically begging, if we're not mistaken) to ask when her berry pies are coming back. (Soon!) But if fruit's not your cup of tea (or slice of pie), Sabrina cooks up a veritable slew of creamy varieties too—we're talking the likes of Coconut Cream Peanut Butter and French Silk, all swaddled by crusts that are flaky and fresh. Oh, and by fresh, we mean actually fresh—less than a day old, in fact. She also caters to the savory-minded among us with take and bake Chicken Pot and Steak + Mushroom pies. But The Pie Hole is much more than just a pick-up and run joint. At anytime of day, you'll find groups of high schoolers and pairs of ladies out shopping seated among the cozy, whitewashed environs, enjoying sparkling conversation and slightly-less-sparkly (but much more delicious) slices of pie.

Menu Highlights:
Pie Slices, $3.25 – $5.00
Whole Pies, $15.00 – $25.00
Apple, Coconut Cream, French Silk, Peanut Butter and more.

Tuesday - Friday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (or sold out)
Closed Sunday & Monday

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