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Ebony & Ivory

100% off one pulled pork sandwich at Ebony & Ivory
There are two reasons why it's easy to see the meat smoker is hard at work: 1) Delicious smoke is billowing out of it; and 2) Nearly every car that drives by honks excitedly. We don't blame them.
While working together at a swanky in-town restaurant, Marcus and Victor realized that they went together like, well, ebony and ivory. And so the lead chef (Victor) and lead server (Marcus) decided to try their collective hand at barbecuing. (Spoiler alert: it was a hit.) It's been nearly two years since Ebony & Ivory flung open the doors of its beloved barbecue joint, but to the regulars? They don't want to imagine what life was like without it. And after one taste of some of the best, certainly the smokiest, pulled pork we've had, we're inclined to agree.

At Ebony & Ivory, the meat smoker is easy to spot. It's right out front, on display. And you can see when it's hard at work for two reasons: firstly, there's smoke billowing out, and secondly, the excited honking of every car that passes by. To say that this is a barbecue window that people are passionate about would be a massive understatement. Heck, folks stop in during their lunch breaks just to say "hi" simply because they love Marcus and Victor just as much as they love the lineup of 'cued sandwiches, gigantic fried catfish (straight from a Tennessee farm) and tacos. Yes, tacos. Pillowy-soft shells filled with smoked chicken, beef brisket or the aforementioned fried catfish are gleefully topped with any number of sauces. One of seven to be precise. And they range from a kickin' white BBQ sauce in lieu of tartar sauce to a Carolina mustard-based sauce.

Note: these kind folks also offer unique catering options, from which barbecue is only the starting point.

Menu Highlights:
Chicken or Pork Sandwich, $3.99
Huge Catfish Sandwich, $6.49
Collard Greens, $1.89
Baked Beans, $1.89

Monday - Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8-ish p.m.
Sunday, noon to 8-ish p.m.

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