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Ai Tunes Karaoke, Restaurant & Lounge

50% off Ai Tunes Karaoke, Restaurant & Lounge
The food of choice among rock stars who frequent Ai Tunes: Chinese hot pot, a cornucopia of veggies, meats and noodles ready to be skewered and dipped into piping-hot soups. (In other words: the ideal sustenance after a round of belting out Def Leppard.)
You may have belted out a few tunes at your local karaoke bar, but have you done so in a VIP-esque lounge while sharing a spicy feast with your closest friends entourage? At Ai Tunes, mere mortals become their own [air]guitar-smashing rock gods. There's no flicking through a beer-stained paper binder of songs; the system is completely computerized and remote control-able, with a huge selection to ensure that you can, y'know, truly explore your vocal range. Or something. Even more, the little service button on the wall (we'll go ahead and call it the butler bell) allows guests to ring for their server. Yep, Ai Tunes makes it dangerously easy to slip into the rock-star fantasy, and the food, with its spicy Chinese hot pot menu, is no exception.

Like a spicy, meatier version of fondue, diners have their choice from an impressive spread of meats and veggies, along with multiple delicious, hot soup bases, into which to dip their skewered goods. In other words, the ideal sustenance after a sweaty round of belting out some Def Leppard. And since we know rock stars like to travel with a crew, you'll be pleased to hear that the dining experience is totally communal; almost as intimate as you and your buddy's Nate Dogg/Warren G. duet. Yeah, it's not exactly your typical bar food, but Ai Tunes isn't exactly your typical bar. Once you're nourished, prepare to achieve your own 15 minutes belting out Chumbawumba in one of Ai Tunes' private rooms, where you can embarrass yourself in privacy (and also avoid That One Girl's public attempt at Journey).

Menu Highlights:
Hot Pot for Four, $59

Sunday - Thursday, 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Friday & Saturday, 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.

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