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Julianna's Crepes

100% off one cinnamon toast crepe at Julianna's Crepes
If the local ingredients, the Batdorf & Bronson java and the rustic environs weren't enough to pique your interest. Walkability and expertly-flipped Hungarian crepes should do the trick.
A crepes place in Inman Park? Yessir, as it turns out, this longtime dream is finally becoming a reality with Julianna's Crepes. The cute, but not kitschy, vintage-styled crepe joint is just off the main drag, open, and ready for business. And since crepe-making's their business, we're doubly in luck. Owner Andrew grew up making his mother's (that would be Julianna's) Hungarian crepes, or palacsinta, and has finally decided to share his gift with the rest of Atlanta. Thank goodness.

When we stopped by the rustic, yet comfortable, spot we didn't know what to expect. After all, we weren't exactly certain what makes a crepe...Hungarian. As it turns out the final product doesn't differ that dramatically from their French counterpart, but according to Andrew, "it's a different path to the same product." This means that he might use things like a dash of rum, local ingredients, and buckwheat flour, making the batter arguably tastier than the conventional crepe. And the Cinnamon Toast Crepe is no exception. (Plus! It's, you know, fo' free.) A warning: as we observed Andrew gracefully and deftly spread the batter, flip it and fill it with an amalgam of cocoa, cinnamon and sugar, we felt a strange surge of confidence. "That looks easy," we thought. But looks are where the simplicity of Hungarian crepe-making stops. A hefty pizza-slice-sized crepe, it's simple in appearance, but absolutely decadent in flavor. Trust us. This is not a thing to attempt at home.

Menu Highlights:
Spicy Magyar Crepe, $7
Cinnamon Toast Crepe, $3 (Free, with your Scoutmob app!)
Green Farmer Crepe, $6
Lemon Love Crepe, $3
Fruit Medley Crepe, $6

Tuesday – Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Monday

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