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Crooked Tree Cafe

100% off one chicken sandwich at Crooked Tree Cafe
It's smoky, it's saucy, it's free (!) and it tastes nothing like any Smoked Chicken Sandwich you've had before. For starters, it's not even on the menu.
Being Southerners, we've had the privilege of sampling barbecue upon barbecue, each more delicious than the next. But the stuff of Crooked Tree Cafe takes the cake…er, 'cue. For nearly a year, barbecue pioneer Jeff has been delighting visitors with his interpretation of traditional Southern barbecue, which is not so traditional. His Smoked Chicken Sandwich, for example, isn't merely smoked meat slathered in a simple sauce—it also isn't officially on the menu, but that didn't stop us. The meat is smoked, of course, but it's also brined with sweet tea (!) before meeting its match in a 'bama white sauce, a mayonnaise-based sauce which happily combines tangy cider vinegar with tart lemon. And of course, what "traditional" barbecue would be complete without the slaw? Atop the Smoked Chicken Sandwich, Jeff thoughtfully piles a heap of his homemade Poblano Cider Slaw.

"I've been cooking for over 22 years, and barbecue's always been the thing that made the most sense," Jeff explained. He enjoys tweaking the styles, sauces and marinades, and exploring new ways to cook, season and cure the meats. And that inventive culinary spirit is exactly what he's bringing to the tables of this cozy cafe. Cool, wooden slats line one wall, while the other sports a crooked tree mural, inspired by the climbable, low-limbed trees along the Southern coast. Crooked Tree is a place for gathering, relaxing and digging into some mighty fine barbecue... or all three, if you're feeling ambitious. Either way, that first Smoked Chicken Sandwich is on us.

Menu Highlights:
Smoked Chicken Sandwich, $7.50
Traditional Pulled Pork Sandwich, $8.50
Smoked Chicken Wrap, $8.50
Chopped Brisket Grilled Cheese, $8.50

Monday - Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Closed Sunday

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