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Suwanee Pizza Tavern

50% off Suwanee Pizza Tavern
With a full bar, wood-fired oven and pizza, this ain't your average tavern. And besides making a great lunch, these Suwanee folks are providing an excellent game-watching spot, too.
If the word "tavern" summons images of dark, dingy rooms filled with smoke and grungy "food," trust us when we say that Suwanee Pizza Tavern is a far cry from your average tavern. And while it has a full bar (designed by Phillip and Melissa, the masterminds behind it all) and all the good things we associate with a tavern, that's where the tavern feel ends. Melissa comes from an Italian family, and her grandfather taught her everything she knows about business (besides what she picked up during her 17 years of experience and degree in Hospitality Management from Georgia State, that is). Phillip is the operational guru, coming with 22 years of experience and a degree from UGA. Together they turned their vision for a little neighborhood restaurant into a reality. It's decorated in a light, minimalist fashion, with creams and oranges and sleek, espresso-hued woodwork. It's a snug joint that somehow walks, nay, struts, the fine line between upscale and laid-back. And it makes a great lunchtime destination too because it's easy to get in, grab a slice and get back to the office before the boss even knows you're missing.

Of course, you can also stay, watch the game on any number of TVs and devour a whole pie. And since these awesome folks will donate one dollar to Wounded Warrior with every large Robilio pizza, why wouldn't you want to? Have you had the dough? That's is where Suwanee Pizza Tavern stuffs its magical ingredients (fresh herbs, for the curious), meaning that at the end of each slice, there's a breadstick reward. To be honest, those slices would still be mighty fine without the crust. (Though we'll still be wanting that Fried Mozzarella.) For a more traditional bite, the Robilio (named after Melissa's family) is the supreme pizza of the joint. And if you're feeling especially carnivorous, the King pie is their best seller, boasting a slew of protein options. But it doesn't stop with the pies at the Suwanee Pizza. Wash down all that Italian goodness with a signature drink, kick back while you watch the game, and you'll never step foot in any other tavern again.

Wings, 5.99 (5 pc.)
Large Robilio Pizza, 19.99
Large El Camino Pizza, 18.99
Large White Pie, 16.99
Large The King Pizza, 19.99
Fried Mozzarella, 5.99
Cool Cucumber Mojito

Monday - Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Thursday - Sunday, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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