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Artisan Foods Bakery & Cafe

50% off Artisan Foods Bakery & Cafe
While we honestly would prefer that this place stay hidden, at the same time, the food's too good not to share — especially at the new B.Y.O.B. dinners.
For almost six years, this hidden Roswellian gem has been serving up stupendous meals, superb baked goods and piping hot joe. And now, to that venerable list of edibles, the little wooden shop at the end of the gravel drive is adding dinner to the list. That's right, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, Artisan Foods Bakery + Cafe will be rolling out an evening feast. And the only thing we had to bring (besides ourselves, naturally) was the booze. Yes, these dinners are B.Y.O.B., so rejoice, adults! Chef Hoyt, the owner and mastermind behind Artisan Foods strove to create a warm, welcoming space. And with exposed wooden rafters and lofted ceilings, it feels rather lodge-like, in a great way.

These dinners have a wide range of options, all with handmade at the core. Every bun, bread and patty is crafted in-house. Speaking of patties, there are plenty to try, ranging from the Short Rib Burger (which is made differently than anywhere else) to the Shrimp Burger (with panko-coated minced tiger shrimp, egg white and spices) And of course, a handmade black bean and roasted pepper veggie burger for the herbivores among us. And well we honestly would prefer that this place stay hidden. But at the same time, the food's too good not to share.

Menu Highlights
Short Rib Burger, $10
Shrimp Burger, $11
Turkey Burger, $10
Lamb Burger, $10
Veggie Burger, $7

Dinner Hours
Thursday - Saturday, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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