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Woody's CheeseSteaks

50% off Woody's CheeseSteaks
Atlanta’s growing and changing fast with some pretty cool additions (we're looking at you, Beltline). But there’s something comforting about Woody’s, an ATL institution that’s been serving up their classic cheesesteaks since 1975.
Time-travel is here folks, and it’s right on the Atlanta Beltline. You can take a step into Woody’s Cheesesteaks and be transported right back to the ‘70s, because they’ve been serving up their famous cheesesteak the same way since 1975, with seasoned, grilled-to-order beef, smothered in gooey, melty white American cheese all atop a classic Philly roll. And the time-space continuum doesn’t quit acting funny there, either- the little red wooden house right off the Beltline seats us on repurposed bus seats from the '70s, at hand-painted wooden tables, all whilst surrounded by something that kind of reminds us of mom’s house- avocado linoleum. If you’re more the outdoorsy type, we recommend grabbing a beer and a cheesesteak on the the covered patio- the people watching opportunities are endless, and the patio itself features strands of twinkling lights reflecting off the exposed beams and wooden exterior, making the whole experience nothing shy of spectacular.

The warm, meaty, cheesesteak is known throughout the city, but we can understand that maybe you want to branch out, and we really can’t blame you. Of course, there’s the veggie option, full of onions, peppers, and cheese. And where would we be without the cold subs and hot dogs? Pair any of these offerings with a beer and a bike ride down the Beltline on a crisp fall day, and you’ve got yourself a quintessential Atlanta afternoon. Oh yes- we said beer. Although they have a rotating draft list, they still serve up some superstar local drafts all the time from the likes of Sweetwater and Red Hare from right here in the Atlanta area, and Starr Hill from Charlottesville, Va. (And our inside sources also tell us Woody’s has the cheapest PBR tall boys in the city.) They’ve packed a heap ton of food into one tiny restaurant, and well, we can’t wait to hop in the ol’ way back machine to get a little taste of it .

Menu Highlights:
Cheesesteak, $6.95
Veggie Cheesesteak, $6.50
Hot Dog, $3.75

Sunday - Thursday, 11 a.m. to midnight
Friday & Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 a.m.

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