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Woody's CheeseSteaks

50% off Woody's CheeseSteaks
Here, the Philly CheeseSteak is served up with seasoned, grilled-to-order beef and smothered in gooey, white American cheese, all atop a fresh-baked bun. And, word to the wise, you'll want to pair that with a Banana Puddin' shake.
Like some sort of lighthouse, Woody's CheeseSteaks beckons to us. The Philly CheeseSteak is served up the way it has been since 1975, with seasoned, grilled-to-order beef, smothered in gooey, melty white American cheese all atop a freshly baked bun (delivered daily from the same local bakery since 1981). Although said sandwich may certainly be taken "to go", we ask you: why? Why would one give up the chance to messily devour the CheeseSteak among Woody's quirky, rustic environs? The little wooden shack offers a small indoor eating area, with repurposed bus seats from the '70s, hand-painted wooden tables, and…avocado linoleum (ahem, also from the '70s). We, however, are staunch advocates of the outdoor patio with its strands of twinkling lights reflecting off the exposed beams and wooden exterior. It all feels rather like a tree house. Which we're more than okay with, for the record.

But if a warm, meaty, cheesy Philly (there's a veggie option, too) doesn't quite cut the mustard, Woody's is almost equally well-known for it's hand-dipped, hand-spun shakes, crafted with locally produced ice cream and shaken (not stirred) to order. And they come in nifty flavors like Oreo, Butterfinger and the oh-so-delicious Banana Puddin'. Yes, in addition to the local brews, Phillys and shakes, we'd say they've packed enough food into this little spot to feed half the town. And, in fact, they do. Owner Steven remarked, "We're the guilty pleasure of some of the finest chefs in Atlanta." Well, we may not be fancy-pants chefs, but we'll happily answer the call of their Philly CheeseSteak any ol' day.

Menu Highlights:
Cheesesteak, $6.50
Veggie Cheesesteak, $6.50
Nutella Shake, $4.25
Banana Puddin Shakes, $4.25

Sunday - Thursday, 11 a.m. to midnight
Friday & Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 a.m.

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