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The Corner Pub (Decatur)

50% off The Corner Pub (Decatur)
Where else can you drink a beer so local, it's brewed two doors down (that'd be Three Taverns) alongside a dish of, say, pork cheek ragu over gouda grits?
If anyone knows a thing or two about good food and great beer, it's the fine folks of Decatur. So you know it's saying something when an establishment like Corner Pub has become such a beloved neighborhood gathering place—and stayed that way for nearly a decade. We chalk that up to a draught list of craft beer, a menu centered around creative, seasonal fare, and an owner (Joshua) who still makes daily treks to the farmers market before heading into the kitchen. "If I just order salad dressing right off the Sysco truck, it'll taste exactly the same as a salad at some other bar," he explained to us. Luckily, that ain't a problem here.

Case in point: where else can you pair a beer so local, it's brewed two doors down (that'd be Three Taverns) with, say, pork cheek ragu over gouda grits? And that's just one of the dishes that Joshua and company are adding to the Corner Pub's newly gussied-up menu—other new additions include Cajun hushpuppies, a salmon croquette sandwich and a turkey pot pie, to name a few. Heck, this place even makes their own ice cream just for fun, with rotating flavors like salted caramel and chocolate toffee crunch. But despite the way-above-bar-grub menu and the beer list that's always keeping things interesting, Joshua simply describes his fine establishment as "just a casual neighborhood pub." So humble. Don't worry, Corner Pub—we'll always sing your praises.

Menu Highlights:
Cucumber Slider, $4
Cajun Hushpuppies, $8
Turkey Pot Pie, $8
Salmon Croquette, $9.50
The Dagwood, $9.50 (sandwich)

Monday — Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.

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