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Moonie's Texas Barbecue

50% off Moonie's Texas Barbecue
This barbecue is going to taste a little different than your average, foothills-of-Georgia shack fare. The brisket is exceptional, and prepared simply—the sauce is a complement, not a requirement.
Hobbies are a dangerous thing (that's why we haven't gardened in years). Just take a gander at Jason. He was a programmer in Texas for 11 years, when he first felt a twinge of curiosity for the workings of the BBQ world. And look at him now: he's completely dropped the whole programming thing, replacing it with an über-successful barbecue joint. The nerve. Nonetheless, we admire his laser-like focus, dedicated to cracking the secrets of Texas-style barbecue and sharing the goods with us Georgians—including brisket the likes of which we've never seen before. Think of it as a peppered brisket, as opposed to the saucy Southern counterpart we're used to—simply spiced with salt and pepper, oak-smoked and mouth-watering. For over a year, he's been serving up these smoked Texan goods to a slew of smiling, universally sticky, faces.

The place is spacious, especially compared to most 'cue spots, with tall-backed booths, exposed ducts and brick floors. It's very warm and welcoming, excluding the big ol' metal tubs filled with drinks and ice—which are, in fact, quite chilly. With the first step inside, your salivary machines (we don't know how that works, exactly) will perk up as the smells of oak-smoked meats waft by your nose and cascade through your hair (probably not how this works either). Most other BBQ places use hickory, but oak has a milder smoky flavor—one that complements the Texas original pepper and salt rub quite nicely. This barbecue is going to taste a little different than your average, foothills-of-Georgia shack fare. The meat is prepared more simply, with an emphasis on good, fresh meat. The sauces employ a lot of cumin and pepper, and "are a complement, not a requirement," Jason explained. That's right, a barbecue that's so good, it doesn't need the sauce. If the 'cue ain't Texas enough for ya, they also cook up a mean Brisket Chili (with stewed tomatoes, sauteed onions and some other, more secret, ingredients). Dig in, y'all.

Menu Highlights:
Pulled Pork Sandwich, $4.95
Brisket Basket, $8.45
Rib Plate (1-lb), $14.95
Frito Chili Pie, $6.95
Homemade Pudding, $2.95

Tues. - Sun., 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Closed Mondays

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