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Incredible Sandwich Factory

50% off Incredible Sandwich Factory
Drawing from his own Peruvian roots, Ditto and the kitchen marinate and roast all of their meats in-house and prepare their own sauces and spice blends (like the tangy, bright-yellow aji de gallina) themselves with farmers market ingredients.
For eons, we've waited for it: a sandwich so flavorful, so splendid, so very delicious, it leaves us feeling awestruck. Incredulous, even. And at the aptly named Incredible Sandwich Factory, did we find one? Well, no. We found a whole menu of 'em. For a little sandwich shop to take on a name such as this one, the sandwiches they're whipping up better be nothing short of marvelous. Fortunately, thanks to a focus on fresh ingredients and a touch of international inspiration, this joint lives up to the name. Drawing from the founder's own Peruvian roots, all of the meats are marinated and roasted in-house (meaning they're juicy enough to be served over the factory's many great salads) and the sauces and spice blends (like the tangy, bright-yellow aji de gallina) are blended with farmers market ingredients. "We really want to bring a fresh-out-of-the-kitchen experience to everyone who comes in," co-owner Ditto explains, and he's making good on that promise.

Sound incredible? Wait 'til you see (and taste) the results of the shop's recent menu makeover, wherein Ditto and his crew diligently tweaked and perfected every single item on the roster over the course of two arduous months, in addition to dreaming up a couple newcomers. Joining the ranks are concoctions like the Great Roast, marinated with Ditto's own seasoning recipe and served on a fresh-baked hoagie. There's also a whole new lineup of wraps, salads, and even a breakfast menu complete with a shiny new espresso machine. Yup, Ditto and company have been hard at work making Incredible Sandwich Factory even better. Oh, and that King Kong sandwich we mentioned earlier? Well… you can probably guess which I-word we'd use to describe it.

Menu Highlights:
Great Roast Sandwich, $6.99
Top Turkey, $ 6.25
Streets of Philly, $5.80 (half) – $6.99
The Thomas Factor, $6.99
Havana Club, $7.75
Tuna & Louise, $5.25 (half) — $6.50
Casablanca Breakfast, $5.99

Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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