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Penang Malaysian

50% off Penang Malaysian
Tucked inside a Buford Highway shopping center in a space that rather resembles a bamboo hut, Penang is one of this city's best ways to discover Malaysian — or, what manager Ken calls "the original fusion food."
Forget trendy "fusion" restaurants. Malaysian food is the original fusion, with culinary influences from India, Thailand and China. And tucked inside a Buford Highway shopping center (as most delicious treasures are) in a space that rather resembles a bamboo hut, Penang is one of this city's best ways to discover, enjoy and devour the fruits of this delicious culinary union. Think lots of spice (not heat), lots of coconut milk and lots of you mumbling your adoration as you plow through another round of sarang burong.

Upon learning that we'd never before had the pleasure of chowing down on Malaysian food, manager Ken laughingly chided us, and then launched into a history of the country, the culture and the cuisine. Penang, an island in Malaysia, is considered one of the world's culinary capitals—and a street food heaven. Ken claims that even if we ate five meals a day, it would take roughly four years to eat our way around the island. That's the inspiration behind Penang the restaurant, and while the menu here isn't quite as overwhelming as an entire island's offerings, it could certainly take a year or two to try everything out. Start with that addictive beef rendang, and by the time you make your way to the minced pork penang lobak, you may be well on your way to completing Ken's tutelage. The dishes represent the variety of influences in Malaysian cuisine—some are more South Indian, like the roti canai, a crispy crowd favorite that resembles a cross between a pancake, a crepe, a dosa and naan. And with more emphasis on spice and seasoning than pure heat, Malaysian food has been scientifically proven to provide 101 percent of your tastebuds' daily flavor value.

Menu Highlights:
Roti Canai, $3.95
Sarang Burong, $12.95
Beef Redang, $13.95
Penang Satay, $6.95
Ice Kacang, $3.95
Mango Smoothie, $3.95

Daily, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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