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120 Tavern

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When we hear "farm-to-table" we imagine real la-di-da atmospheres, we don't exactly imagine a spacious music hall and honky-tonk that hosts live rock n' roll just about every night. With 120 Tavern? We get the best of both worlds.
These days, when we hear "farm-to-table" we imagine real la-di-da atmospheres, oddball ingredients and lots of starched linen. In short, we don't exactly imagine a spacious music hall and honky-tonk that hosts live rock n' roll, blues, and country tunes just about every night of the week. But with 120 Tavern and Music Hall – we get the best of both worlds: eats served fresh from the family farm and a rockin', laid back vibe. It's the exact kind of place we can kick it back with pals on the weekend (on their epically sized patio, tiki bar and full-sized sand volleyball court) or saddle up after a long day in the office. With acts like Mark Chestnut, Florida Georgia Line, Drivin' and Cryin and Tinsley Ellis taking the stage regularly – they've always got something going on (Pro-tip: Cowboy boots encouraged.)

But before we get carried away by the soundscapes, let's get back to the farm for a moment. See, the owners of 120 Tavern and Music Hall also happen to own a Little River Farm (as inherited from George Ivey, their grandfather). A former dairy farm – the brothers decided to reorient their grounds to have more of a beef and pork focus. That shift, combined with the talents of their BBQ Master-in-Residence Mike and what do we have? A BBQ restaurant so epic, so fresh, so saucy and juicy well – let's just say their new menu is pretty legendary. Mike makes all five of their sauces in house and no matter what kind of 'cue you were raised eating, there's something for you here. St. Louis rib glaze, Carolina vinegar, sweet n' thick BBQ or South Carolinian dark mustard 'cue – they've got it all, and the goodness is manifested in signature dishes like their beef brisket, Redneck Reuben, and – the fabled, Herculean-sized Pork Chonga. (We would be remiss if we didn't give you the scoop on this bad boy.) Imagine, if you will, a healthily portioned plate of steaming pulled-pork and collard greens. Now take that, wrap it up in a burrito, throw it in a deep frier, smother it in steaming, gooey queso sauce and top it with cole slaw and some bar-b-que sauce. (We weren't kidding when we said this was epic.) But don't fret, even if you don't come to 120 Tavern and Music hall with a colossal appetite in tow, the eats will not disappoint, and the music and convivial atmosphere is certain to keep you entertained well into the night. Now this is our kind of farm-to-table.

Menu Highlights
Nacho Mountain, $9.99
10 Smoked Wings, $11
Redneck Reuben, $8.25
Pork Chonga, $10.99
Tavern Burger, $9.99

Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.
Sunday, noon to midnight

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