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50% off Brixtix
We're obliged to treat our beloved canine companions like kings – so when we first came across Cuppy's Brixtix pup treats in Sweet Auburn Curb Market? Well, let's just say we give it four paws up.
We're firm believers of the golden rule, especially when it comes to our friends. When it comes to our best friends – our canine companions? Well, we tend to treat 'em like kings, which is why when we first saw Cuppy and her Brixtix pop-ups showing around town. we took a liking to her right away (and good ol' Fido even more so). Her hand-rolled cookie treats are chock full of everything he loves: whole wheat flour, sweet potatoes and peanut butter. We get a good amount of comfort knowing exactly what's in the food we're feeding our pups, and from the way he chomps 'em down so fast – we're pretty sure he's much obliged, too.

Lucky for us, after spending a time working the festival and market circuit, Brixtix has found a permanent outpost at long last, in our beloved Sweet Auburn Curb Market. Here, Cuppy has plenty of room to get inventive – whether she's cooking up customized occasion cakes (for Benji's "bark-mitzvah"), creative new cookies or hand-made dog collars. Cuppy's got a real passion for her four-pawed friends, and that shines through in every corner of the new space. In fact, paying her a visit may actually yield treats for our beloved pooches, but it certainly feels like a treat for us too.

Store Highlights
Case cookies, $1- $3.50
Bags, $5.99
Collars, $14 – $26

Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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