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Bangkok Thyme

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This, friends, is the genuine article, as promised by owner Sakchai, who's drawing from nostalgia and his own childhood for the authentic Thai dishes that have kept their regulars coming back for the past eight years.
Situation: you're innocently going about your day when, like a strike of spicy lightning, a curry craving hits. Do you a) beeline it straight to the nearest generic Thai restaurant for some bland, Americanized panang, b) attempt to stifle it because you can't stand another bowl of peanut sauce-drenched disappointment, or c) embark on a noble quest to finally, finally find a Thai restaurant that's serving truly authentic grub? If you chose C, we come bearing some good news for you, Don Quixote: the curries, Pad Thai, Green Papaya Salad, spicy Holy Basil Chicken and other home-style Thai recipes at Bangkok Thyme aren't the sweet, sticky, Westernized-into-submission kind of food we've come to know as Thai. This, friends, is the genuine article, as promised by owner Sakchai, who's drawing from nostalgia and his own childhood for the authentic Thai dishes that have kept their regulars coming back for the past eight years.

Sure, plenty of Thai restaurants (okay, all of them) bill themselves as the real deal. Case-point: a little off-menu adventure they like to refer to as the Pot of Gold – a rotating number of authentic Thai dishes that you just don't find in restaurants. These are the meals that are traditionally slow-cooked at home over spans of days, whose flavor is so rich and bountiful, it's hard to pull yourself away from the plate, even after you're finished. The Kha Moo Pa Low is certainly something us pork lovin' Southerners can get behind: pork that's stewed so slow and long in its stock that it's succulent goodness has fallen right off of the bones. Served over a bed of rice with a boiled egg and seasoned with black soy sauce – you're guaranteed to daydream of this dark, sultry meal for days after you're done. Then sometimes there's the Jub Chay, which is sure to please the veggiesaurs. You see, "Jub Chay" roughly translates to "ten vegetables" – and that's exactly what you can expect in this stew: colorful combinations of collard greens, napa cabbage, chives and garlic, amongst others. We never really thought of veggies as "robust" or "filling" until we had our first serving of this, folks. And for those who love seafare, you're not off the hook either – Bangkok Thyme has also been known to serve up Poh TaaK or what Sakchai refers to as "The Gulf of Siam," which brims with all kinds of sea food: mussels, squid, fish filets, shrimp and scallops, all stewed up in a spicy shrimp broth. This dish can be as mild as you like to super thai hot – it really just depends. Sakchai is a big fan of the native way, full of sharp sour, salty and spicy flavors of the ocean.

For those looking to stick to culinary adventures listed on the menu, you're in great hands. Thai places that serve up double-roasted Curry Duck, or a Green Papaya Salad this gorgeous, or a Pad Thai dishes of this Precisely. You won't find a drop of too-sweet Panang Curry or a boring noodle dish anywhere near Bangkok Thyme's kitchen—they're too busy working on dishes like their Spicy Basil, which uses the stronger, tastier Holy Basil to up the flavor ante. Same goes for the sushi. Some Thai joints might toss a couple rolls on the menu in the name of fusion, but a sushi dish that involves a foot-long whole eel? Next level business, right there. Of course, if that kind of thing isn't quite your speed, the roster of specialty rolls have plenty of non-eel action—the Spicy Hamachi and Tuna Valentina Roll is a crowd favorite. We suppose that's an upgrade from our California rolls, yes. Oh, and one last tip: while you're going to town on an exquisite sushi roll, vibrant Papaya Salad, and/or their rather infamous Tom Kha Kai Soup, make a point to look up from your feast at some point and take in your surroundings. The stunning Thai woodwork makes for yet more proof that this ain't your mama's dull Thai restaurant. Authentic? Clearly. Worth a trip up Roswell Road? Absolutely. We can already feel that curry craving a-brewin'.

Menu Highlights:
Thai Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Kai), $4.50
Green Papaya Salad, $8.95
Pad Thai, $12.95
Spicy Holy Basil Chicken, Thai-Style, $11.95
Roasted Duck Red Wine Basil, $20.95
Mamushi Boh Sushi, $13.50
Island Breeze Sushi, $12

Monday – Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Monday – Thursday, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday & Sat, 5 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Sun., 5 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

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