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Da Vinci’s Donuts

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For the folks at Da Vinci's, donuts are much more than just the perfection of confections – they're time-honored family treasures. (Which makes them just that much sweeter to consume.)
Perhaps no pastry is as timeless or as classic as our beloved donut. Be them iced or glazed, yeast or cake – no pastry quite captures our heart our taste buds quite like 'em. And for the Rudd family behind Da Vinci's Donuts, the adored confections also a time-honored family tradition, which makes them all the more sweeter to consume. You see co-Owner, Melissa Rudd, grew up making classic powdered sugar cake donuts with her mom. And as an adult she continued this tradition with her own family, waking up early and fixin' 'em up fresh on Saturday mornings. So when the opportunity presented itself for her to open up a donut shop of her own, she went for it. And goodness, are we pleased as punch she did.

Because the recipe for the donuts is generations deep, it's just about as perfect as we'll get out. The moist, delightful cakey insides are just an endless delight, no matter the toppings – but the toppings, y'all, that's where the fun is. The house specialty, the salted caramel donut, is bedecked with a dusting of streusel, drizzled caramel and a dash of sea salt. (Dreams do come true.) And the Maple Bacon donut is as crave-worthy as it sounds. In fact, Melissa told us that it's so popular, she once catered a Father's Day soirée that consisted exclusively of the Maple Bacon confections. (Now that's our kind of party.) And with over over 70 varieties that include the likes of Boston Creme, French Toast, Canoli, Strawberries & Cream in their ranks – it's unlikely that we'll ever tire of these confections. Pro-tip: word on the street is they'll even let you come up with your own custom toppings if you ask real nice.

Donut Flavors:
Vanilla Jimmies
Raspberry Lemonade
Maple Bacon
Salted Caramel
+ over 70 more!

Tuesday – Saturday, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Closed Mondays

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