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da Via

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Who said Italian had to be so slow and complicated? At long last, the folks at da Via are bringing us fast and casual Italian dining. (This might just be amoré.)
We often find ourselves in a bind when our strongest cravings for Italian fixin's strike. Why is it that our rotini fueled daydreams strike the strongest when we're in the biggest time crunch? How are we supposed to satisfy our lasagna lust when we have to be back at the office for a board meeting in an hour? Relax, da Via is here – and they've got all the Italian eats we crave at the ready – from bowls full of freshly tossed spaghetti and meatballs to bright Catarina salads with freshly grated cheese atop it, to creamy and sweet triple-layered tiramisu. At last, fast and casual Italian dining: this might just be amoré.

Don't think that the words, "fast" and "casual" mean that the folks at da Via are sacrificing anything when it comes to quality, though. They take their craft seriously. The pasta? They make it fresh daily (almost 25 pounds of it). But the thing that really has us hooked is an Italian street food staple known as the Piada. Think of it as an Italian-style burrito: flatbread stuffed with fresh ingredients, pastas and homemade sauces. (Translation: pasta you can eat with your hands!) We like to wash it down with a glass of their house Sangria, the perfect thing to unwind us after a long day at the office. Does life get better than this? Casual Italian dining, a refreshing glass o' vino. La viva est bella, indeed.

Menu Highlights
Sausage Piada, $6.95
Salmon Tossed Salad Bowl, $8.95
Tossed Pasta with Meatballs, $6.95
Mamma Sangria, $3

Monday to Sunday, 11 a.m to 10 p.m.

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