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Goad Barbecue Company

50% off Goad Barbecue Company
The Lone Star State praxis is quite a departure from the saucy 'cue we're accustomed to here in the southeast. But one solid meal of Goad's cowboy eats was all it took for us to pledge our allegiance to Texas.
Here in the south, we all grew up with our own variations of favored ‘cue. Whether your allegiance lies with sauces thicker and richer than molasses or its vinegar kin that’s slathered in slaw, one thing is for certain: we are one nation under barbecue. One tradition that we don’t see a lot of in these parts though is the West-Texas variety. The Lone Star State praxis is quite a departure from what is often seen here in the southeast. Lucky for us, this Lawrenceville stop opened up shop to offer up the local flavors of Abilene, Texas. “In Texas, Brisket is King,” Owner, Mike Goad, tells us, “and if you can’t make it on the chuck wagon then you don’t make it – its cowboy food.” (Consider us corralled, Mike.) This is BBQ sans sauce – smoked slowly over mesquite wood chips after being heftily seasoned and rubbed. The result? Some seriously succulent, well-seasoned ‘cue.

And of course, the menu is rounded out with other West Texas traditional sides and desserts – coleslaw, jalapeño corn muffins, award-winning chili, cowboy beans and southwestern corn casseroles to name a few. The thing that really got our attention? Their fried pies. Yup, we said it: fried pies. They’ve got ‘em in a boat load of options (apple, chocolate and banana for instance) but nothing quite compares to the titan that is the Elvis Fried pie. Imagine, if you will, caramelized bacon, gooey, melted peanut butter, chocolate and bananas. Sounds like food fit for the King now, don’t it? Yup, seems like all it takes for our us to pledge our allegiance to the Lone Star State is one solid meal of West Texas cowboy eats at Goad.

Menu Highlights:
Brisket Sandwich Combo, $8.50
Pork Ribs Combo, $14.50
Elvis Fried Pie, $3.99
Pork Taco Entrée, $3.99
Banana Pudding (pint), $3.99
Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Closed Sundays

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