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Zuma Sushi & Sake Bar (Highland Ave)

50% off Zuma Sushi & Sake Bar (Highland Ave)
Right here on the main stretch of Inman Park, Zuma is all things sush and all things sexy: dramatic lighting, black and crimson décor, sake martini creations, sleek metal chopsticks and fresh, creative nigiri and sashimi.
For all of us bonafide sushi enthusiasts, there’s a specific formula that must be in place for our treasured sushi nights to be top-notch: equal parts freshness and flavor with a hint of ambiance, creativity and presentation. Luckily, Steve Kyo and the folks at Zuma have mastered this formula to darn near perfection. Sushi can be as artful as it is delicious, and the humble folks at Zuma really know how to transform raw fish into a masterpiece. You know, one of those Instagram-worthy snapshots that you subtly brag about to your friends?

What’s Zuma’s strategy to serving up these delicious works of art, you ask? Well, using only top grade fish, of course. When it comes to ingredients, we’re talkin’ all A-level freshness. Let’s just say if there were a university system for sushi rolls these fish would be Ivy League Valedictorians, graduating with honors as far as we’re concerned. But, let’s talk flavor. These guys put a traditional spin on more “Americanized” rolls – whipping up whimsical creations with a whole lot of fun sauces and creative zests. Done so in only the classiest, most dignified ways. So, don’t feel bad as you demolish that sushi chef’s masterpiece with those professional-grade chopsticks. (You can always order more or just wash it down with a sake martini on the patio.) And besides, these humble guys are kind of used to it by now. Considering Zuma has been a favorite of the area – and of Atlanta sushi-eaters in general – for nearly seven years now, you know there’s a loyal following of all kinds who come here to get their raw fish fill. We're proud to count ourselves among that following.

Hawaiian Roll, $12
Zuma Roll, $12.50
Super Crunch Roll, $12

Sunday – Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday – Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.

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