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Bada Bings!

50% off Bada Bings!
Stepping into this Old Fourth Ward spot is enough to make us want to yell out in celebration – not only because the food makes us want to jump for joy, but because their fun-loving energy had us equally riled up with excitement.
When you’re a sailing Sicilian and land a fish in the boat, the only appropriate reaction is to howl out a celebratory “Bada Bing!” And when we walked into Bada Bings! in the Old Fourth Ward – we totally understood why. Inspired by those wistful “Bada Bings!” he would shout from his first boat, Lawrence Morrow (or Uncle-L as he’s known by locals) knows that giddy feeling all too well. Lucky for us, he instilled that same joyful spirit into his restaurant. And, we’re glad he did. More than just a sports bar, this family owned restaurant takes classic bar food like pizza, burgers and wings to a whole new level of deliciousness – and it’s all fresh! Plus, rest assured, they’ll take good care of you. As Uncle-L would say, “It’s just like we’re feeding our family.” The folks at Bada Bings! really know how to make you feel like you’re in good company – because well, you are. They’ve got that free lovin’, laid back rock n’ roll attitude that makes us want to kick back for hours while we watch the game with a cold glass of beer (or three). During college games, NFL playoffs or a Brave’s game – this is the place to be. The whole bar ignites with team spirit, in a big way. Even cooler, the regulars that frequent Bada Bings! are just as diverse as their beer selection. From the Grady Hospital lunch crowd, to GSU students and heck – even some heavy-hitters from the state capitol building –  there’s a little something for everyone.

Perhaps the most unique of sports bars in Atlanta – Bada Bings! embodies all the fun of tailgating within the charm of a classy restaurant. Where else in the Old Fourth Ward can we burn off that bowl of Habanero Hot Wings with a game of corn hold and beer pong on the patio? Or, gather around to laugh it up with a game of Jenga or Cards Against Humanity. Either way, good times are guaranteed. We’re glad we found our new hangout spot and, to top it all off, there’s something fun going down almost every night of the week. From Monday night music trivia, $2 Taco Tuesdays and Wing Wednesdays to when the DJ that gets the place bumpin’ on Saturday nights all the way to Sunday Funday. It couldn’t get much more entertaining than that, you say? Just wait until they add on the 1,500 ft game room with dart boards and a ping pong table. Yep, we’re excited too.

50/50 Pub Burger, $11
Meatballs, $9
Bada Bings! Wings, (6) $6, (12) $11, (18) $16
Noteworthy Libations:
Honeysuckle Lemonade
Jalapeño Margarita
Dirty Palmer

Sunday – Wednesday, 11:30 a.m. to midnight
Thursday – Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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