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Tin Roof Kitchen

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Gluten-free folks, take heed. This Alpharetta staple is serving up scrumptious, delicious eats for every hour of the day. Yup, thanks to the culinary efforts of Robyn Rowles and her team, you can have your gluten-free cake, and eat it too.
A good gluten-free joint is hard to find. A hardship Robyn Rowles, owner of Tin Roof Kitchen, was all to keenly aware of. See, for Robyn and her family – gluten-free isn’t just a fleeting trend, it’s a lifestyle. (She and two of her kids suffer from Celiac disease, meaning by-products of wheat? They’re simply not on the table.) But that doesn’t mean that her passion for high-quality wheat eats was subdued. And with Robyn? It started with cake (which she really believes should be a food group of its own). For months and months she experimented with different gluten-free flours and recipes for her most beloved confection. The result of her efforts? A dynamite slice o’ double chocolate bliss, which many of her regular customers at Tin Roof Kitchen swear is the best in all the land. (We’re obliged to agree with ‘em.) From there on Robyn started inventing recipes for everything across the board – grilled mac n’ cheeses, burgers (complete with buns), grilled pesto paninis, even fried chicken.

The culmination of her culinary prowess can be found in at her Alpharetta restaurant, Tin Roof Kitchen. With rotating menus that have only the freshest, locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients at their root for every meal of the day – she and her warm and friendly staff haven’t just opened a restaurant, they’ve created quite a haven, for foodies of every walk of life. Tin Roof Kitchen is inviting even before you walk in their door (just a glance at their idyllic gazebo and comfy, cozy patio and we’re sure you’ll agree). But once you step foot inside? Game over. Not only is the staff congenial and brimming with knowledge, but the classic wooden paneling on the bar, copper bar top, and homey seating really makes us want to hunker down and stay a while. Luckily, we’d be totally fine doing so. We could camp out from breakfast (fruit-topped waffle, anyone?), through lunch (the chicken pesto panini is to-die-for), all the way through to dinner (the lightly fried crispiness of their shrimp and cornbread is worth writing home about). Oh, and let us not forget dessert – we simply can’t exit without a samplin’ of the cake that started it all.

Menu Highlights:
Fruit Topped Waffle, $13
Classic Eggs Benedict, $12
Buttermilk Fried Chicken, $18
Italian Chicken Pesto Panini, $11
Bacon Jalapeño Burger, $13
Shrimp & Cornbread, $21

Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday & Saturday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sunday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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