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The Market / A Norcross Eatery

50% off The Market / A Norcross Eatery
The great grandfathers-house-turned-restaurant is fresh off a renovation with a new look, new hours, new name, every bit of charm and deliciousness we’ve grown to know and love ‘em for.
So there may be a bazillion spots out there bragging about their “back-country, at-home vibe” but how seldom is it that we actually feel at home where we dine? First-off, no one’s pimento cheese is as good as Grammy’s (no matter how much they try to coerce us into thinking so). And second, it’s tough to get a place quite as cozy and comfy as Grandma and Grandpa’s place. But somehow, the Market Norcross Eatery has managed to capture that nostalgic and serene breeze-blowing-gently-through-the-curtains feeling. (And the pimento cheese is really, really good – sorry Grammy.) Fresh-off of an 11 week renovation, complete with a brand spankin’ new kitchen and the addition of a wrap-around porch that down-right doubled their seating – the eatery formerly known as Bleu House Market is back and open for business, with every bit of the charm and deliciousness we’d grown to know and love them for, in addition to a fresh approach and make-over (not to mention a name change).

Of course, some of the tried and true recipes from the great grandfather’s house-turned-restaurant were too good to be altered. (We’re looking at you, perfectly circular macarons.) And they’re still so handy with the smoker that they just decided to go ahead and expand the variety of smoked meats they offer. But then there are new additions and approaches to things in the kitchen too. These days, everything is made fresh to order and comprised of seasonal, locally-sourced eats. We can’t get enough of the watermelon side salad or the smoked springer mountain chicken (an unbeatable duo in our book). And boy do they know how to toss together a mean salad and bake some fierce Texas toast. While we’d struggle with putting the Market into one food genre, we’ve done some soul-searching and concluded that they’re Southern Barbecue meets New York Deli with a Mediterranean twist. (Because – Naan-wiches.)

Menu Highlights:
Pimiento Deviled Eggs, $4
Dip Plate, $4.95
Wedge Salad, $7.50
Smoked Springer Mountain Chicken (half), $10.50 Wood-smoked Turkey, $9.95
Pulled Pork Sandwich with Texas Toast, $7.95
Brisket Naan-wich, 10.95

Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Closed Saturday & Sunday

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