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Foxgloves & Ivy Floral Design

50% off Foxgloves & Ivy Floral Design
The Scoop: Not to get all scientific on ya over the weekend, but studies prove that people with ...
The Scoop: Not to get all scientific on ya over the weekend, but studies prove that people with flowers in their home are happier than those without pretty floral décor. Studies also show that ladies whom receive flowers for Valentine’s Day are happier than those who don’t. Just trying to provide some relevant facts here. And those stats being said, Foxgloves & Ivy in Grant Park is simply trying to make the world a happier place. Consistently voted Atlanta’s Best Florist by, well, everyone and their flower-loving mother, and holding the title of the city’s only green-certified florist, F&I basically is a no-brainer when it comes to the freshest, best looking flowers you can buy. Oh, and they’re affordable. See? You’re happy now, aren't you? That's just science working its magic again.

Once you purchase flowers from Foxgloves & Ivy, you may never be able to visit another florist again. Not only are the flowers high-end and gorgeous, but everything is organically grown and pesticide-free. Yet, somehow, they manage to tack reasonable price tags on all the goods. Look, kids: It’s like the Valentine’s Day miracle! For the last 14 years, Foxgloves has been making homes, weddings, events and most of all, gift-givers look good. Real good. And, let’s be honest; there’s no such thing as too good-looking. Especially this time of year.

Any Joe (or Jane) can walk in and pick up single stems, but all the arrangements are custom-made, which, for first-time flower buyers, means you’re going to have to call ahead for something special. But Larry and Greg (Foxgloves’ owners) have created an easy button for this process by putting the custom arrangements online for your ordering ease. Scroll through and decide if you want the “Pretty” (Dutch clematis Pirouette, pink gerber daisies, pink roses, lilies, and Dutch tulips, collared by pink hydrangea and finished off with spring branches), “Big Kisses” (red roses mixed with purple Dutch tulips, green and pink hydrangea, Sorbonne oriental lilies, and Pirouette clematis), or another of the stunning selections. Then call the store and order away.

Admit it: you feel happier already. Now, just think about how happy you’ll be when you actually pick up your flowers. Or, if said flowers are purchased as a gift, how happy you'll be making someone else. Looks like our scientific work here is done.

Arrangement Highlights:
Pretty, $85
Big Kisses, $115
European Garden Mix, $60
Purple tulips, $85

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

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