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SimpleSip Coffee

50% off SimpleSip Coffee
When did grabbing a cup of coffee get so complicated? SimpleSip is here to make your morning joe an easy choice- no 12-word coffee orders here, just the highest quality coffee we can get our caffeine-lovin’ hands on.
When did grabbing a cup of coffee get so complicated? That’s what Kenya Newman wanted to know when she found herself in line at a certain coffee powerhouse, and was presented with a million options. People were ordering half-caf mocha-cappa-latte-chinos with two pumps of vanilla, half pump of hazelnut, extra whipped cream, light foam, and a drizzle of sugar-free caramel, and she was frozen with indecision. And the worst part? She ended up hating what she ordered. So she came up with the concept for a coffee shop that serves… wait for it… coffee. That’s what drives SimpleSip- it’s simply good coffee, with no confusion. There are no 12-word coffee orders here, just coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes, with maybe a pump of flavor if you're feeling it. (And of course, a few non-coffee options for the kiddies and tea drinkers.)

So when you only do one thing, Kenya knows it’s got to be done right, which is why she starts with the highest quality coffee she can get her caffeine-lovin’ hands on. Every single simple sip comes from Peruvian fair-trade, organic beans, and we can say without a doubt, it makes a difference. We may even be so bold to say that the best cup of coffee in Atlanta is actually in Lilburn. We can tell that the brew is made with care by a barista who knows their stuff- the result is a velvety, smooth, and decidedly rich cup of goodness. Even the pricing and size options are simple; coffee comes in one size - 16 oz. - and the prices include tax. She offers a few select breakfast sandwiches that change weekly, and with her drive through, she’s proud to do one simple thing: make good coffee that gets people moving on their day.

Coffee, hot or iced, $2
Latte, hot or iced, $3.75
Chai latte, hot or iced, $3.75
Egg & cheese croissant, $4
Bacon breakfast sandwich, $6
Monday - Friday, 6:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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