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Vinny's New York Pizza

100% off Vinny's New York Pizza
The mom 'n pop pizza shop is now offering their Sicilian-via-New York slices and pies from a new location right across from Piedmont Park in Ansley Mall. Grab a free slice and see what makes New York pizza a renowned favorite.
Pizza is one of those foods that can bring out some seriously passionate opinions from self-appointed connoisseurs. But we venture to say that if anyone in this country knows how to prepare a good pie, it's New Yorkers. Ever since two of 'em opened up their quintessential NY pizza joint just off 7th Street a few years ago, Midtowners have been getting schooled on what "New York-style pizza" really is—and why New Yorkers take their slices so very seriously.

A slice from Vinny's is guaranteed to be: a) huge, b) crispy, with a thin crust, and c) foldable (but not soggy). The mom 'n pop pizza shop started over three decades ago in New York, and brought Sicilian-via-New York family recipes with them to Atlanta, giving our little town a much-needed taste of authentic, simple slices. Their cozy little pizzeria is living proof that overpriced pies and aged balsamic vinegar are most definitely not prerequisites for a delicious slice of pizza. But don't take our word for it. Go grab yourself a slice from Vinny's and see what they're made of. 'Cause there ain't no party like a New York-style pizza party.

Cheese Pizza, $2.75 (NY slice) - $2.95 (Sicilian slice)
White Pizza, $3.50 (slice) - $16.95 (16" pizza)
The Vinny Special, $4.50 (slice) - $25.95 (16" pizza)

Daily, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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