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Lewis & Sheron Textiles

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The Scoop: If bolts of fabric, Belgian linens, fancy silks, and tasseled trimmings make you quive...
The Scoop: If bolts of fabric, Belgian linens, fancy silks, and tasseled trimmings make you quiver with glee, you probably already know about this West Midtown emporium. But! If you don't know burlap from brushed cotton, and your living room decor is more Ikea than Eames, your whole world might change when you walk in the front doors of Lewis & Sheron. No longer do you have to choose between brown, black, and... whatever Ikea's other color options are. A plush armchair covered in kickin' karate kids; a chaise lounge swathed in illustrated puppies. Why not? Moving on up into the world of upholstery means you're no longer confined by the readymade options in the catalogues, which means you can finally let those interior decorating creative juices really flow.

From bright stripes to polka dots, the bolts lining the aisles of the maze-like warehouse are a rainbow of options to satisfy pretty much any decorative urge your heart desires. The 60,000-square foot space has been an institution in West Midtown since before the neighborhood was trendily dubbed a "design district". After starting off as a dress maker's shop in 1944, Lewis & Sheron has been in the same family for over sixty years--in fact, it was the founder's great-grandson, Sam, who gave me a guided tour of the place. And I'm glad he did, because I might still be aimlessly wandering the aisles of fabric trying to find my way out. Wandering around the space can be a little overwhelming, but luckily the staff provides safety checkpoints with SOS whistles and bottled water for the lost. Well, not really, but there is an army of helpful employees ready to help you cut samples, compare trimmings, answer age-old fabric questions ("Is this navy or black?"), and help direct you to Linens when you've mistakenly ended up in Silks. It's okay, we all do it.

But, unlike getting lost inside the North Georgia backwoods, this is a pleasant kind of getting lost: the kind where meandering around might bring you to, say, the vast room full of white furniture of all kinds, ready and waiting to be draped in your choice of fabric. Or the glorious playground of StaceAge, the showroom that Sam's sister started just a few years ago, filled with retro, kaleidoscopic fabrics and furniture that could best be described as "Marie Antoinette and the Jetsons Go To Candyland." Or you might find the aisle of fabric that features an actual bolt of puppydog-printed fabric, which I think would pair perfectly with my antique Louis XV chair. No matter where you end up, chances are you'll be swooning--and hopefully coming up with ideas to replace that beer-stained yard sale couch.

Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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