Forgive us for indulging our inner 12-year-old, but (squeal!) did someone say Homemade PopTarts? Why, yes it's true: Tami at Running with Tweezers has discovered the newest local food sensation creating our childhood favorite breakfast snack. Except hers, as you can guess, are a little more, um, outside of the box? Check it out:

Remember PopTarts, those processed and frosted childhood treats that snuck into most of our breakfasts & lunchboxes? Most of us had more than our fair share of them growing up. Candice Reynolds, however, did not. Raised in a family where everyone cooked with natural ingredients and even things like BBQ sauce were made from scratch, she never saw the appeal of packaged treats as a child. She translated that history of wholesome ingredients and culinary ability into a culinary career— Reynolds has worked at such high-end restaurants as Rathbun's. It was during her time at Bold American Catering Company, where she has worked for several years, that a discussion about pop tart ice cream sandwiches (!!!) made her step back & think she could make a better, healthier version of the stuffed snacks. Last September, Red Queen Tarts was born.

No ingredient is too insignificant to be locally sourced and of the highest quality—fruits come from as close by as possible. Heirloom organic whole wheat is milled for flour as Reynolds orders it. Her tarts are sweetened with evaporated cane juice and raw sugar—nothing bleached or processed. The flavors and fillings for these pocket tarts change regularly with the season—flavors such as Lemon Blueberry, Port Poached Pear and Ruby Red Marmalade (my personal favorite—the tart jam with the sweet pastry & crunchy sugar on top. Trust me on this one.) are currently in the rotation. She's even managed to find a local source for her Hazelnut Chocolate filling—we're talking homemade Nutella, folks.

Each of these treats is individually and elegantly packaged. Currently sold in boxes of 6 for $19, they can be ordered by contacting Candice at (770) 789-5258 or via email at You can also keep up with news and current flavors on the Red Queen Tarts Facebook page. For those not close enough for local delivery, Reynolds will ship anywhere in the US and Canada.

For the full story on Red Queen Tarts, visit Running With Tweezers.