If first dates are basically first impressions, then best to try and not make it lame, right? You wouldn't wear a trash bag to meet your possible future mate, so you better make well sure you're taking him/her somewhere impressive, too. That means no drive-thru Taco Bell. Unless of course, your date is into that sort of thing. In which case, maybe you can rethink wearing that trash bag ensemble. Last week we asked you:



First dates are just a preview of what's to come, right? Just a little sample platter of your good tastes, charming wit, and possible chance of compatibility. And when I think of place that embodies such a trial-size version of bigger/better things to come, I think of Krog Bar. Cozy and casual, yet charming, with its Rathbun pedigree in wine-paired, shareable portions. If this first part of the date goes well, of course, perhaps follow it up with some ice-breaking laughter. Luckily, Dad's Garage is right down the street for your improv pleasure.


"My first date with my future husband was at Fritti. He picked it. I could tell by that choice that he had great tastes. I mean, along with picking ME."
- Susan Kellett Gue

"Six Feet Under roof top in Midtown."
- @GinStrobe

"Medieval Times."
- Maggie Canby

"TAP in Midtown. Quick for a drink or to stay longer and enjoy the pomme frites. Oh, and the high gravity beer can ease a couple of nervous lovers."

"Going for something different here but... Wired and Fired in the Highlands is such a fun first date!"
- @NKEventsLLC

"Top Flr! Just had my three month anniversary dinner there Saturday and have had several firsts there too. Truly a gem!"
- Brandon Tutman

"JCT Kitchen or maybe Bone Garden Cantina."
- Rebecca Manger

"Two Urban Licks or The Shed at Glenwood. The Ice Rink might be cute."
- Nicole Buergers

"Cafe Alsace in Decatur, or Floataway Cafe. Call ahead to Floataway and ask for a romantic table and they'll totally hook you up."
- Pat Moore

"Fellini's! My hubs and I went there every Thursday night and then to improv at Dad's Garage. He even proposed there with our fave topping, broccoli!"
- @anzypants

"Carroll St. Cafe."
- James Hsiao

"Ten Degrees South in the winter! So cute."
- Kaitlyn Beaudry

"Two Urban Licks, Ecco and Iberian Pig are my faves."
- Melissa Runge

"The Brick Store. Intimate, great food, knowledgeable staff, decent pricing without making one seem cheap or breaking the bank if she doesn't make the cut. Quiet enough to talk and no sports on TV to randomly distract the eye and great beer too. If you know your beers without being pretentious, have a base knowledge of port or single malts, The Brick Store is Tom Brady with an open receiver down field."
- Mike McCarthy

"WaHo. If she can get down on some hash browns, she's a keeper."
- Michael McLaughlin

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