He popped up on our radar right after the Hothlanta Snowpocalypse: "missing" posters with this curious little cat, and then that tag... it was everywhere. Then Catlanta went viral with a Flickr, Twitter and Facebook, notifying the world of drop off locations. We love him 'cause he has no political undertone or harmful intentions; Catlanta is just freaking cute. And collectible... check out our Scoutmob Catlanta. Mustache and all.

SCOUT: The elusive Catlanta, a pleasure to meet you. Without revealing your identity—how might people know you?
CATLANTA: From the cats I put out all over the streets of Atlanta. You may have seen them on metallic surfaces, in adoption boxes, or on missing posters.

SCOUT: You're everywhere: Irwin Street, L5P, Freedom Parkway. How long has Catlanta been prowling the streets?
CATLANTA: Only regularly for a few months. I have done some other street art pieces in the past, but only sporadically. It was not until the Hothlanta Snowpocalypse debacle that I began putting cats out regularly. You can still find a few “vintage” Catlantas around the city that are a couple years old now.

SCOUT: And what spawned Catlanta?
CATLANTA: Catlanta was spawned from doodles I did of my cat. She's rather large and has a similar shape to Catlanta. Unlike Catlanta she has four legs and no heart on her chest. She's not quite as cuddly as Catlanta either, but I still like her.

SCOUT: I’m sure she is a cool cat too. Is Catlanta a male or female?
CATLANTA: Catlanta is a male, but all the Catlantas on the streets are male and female. It's very difficult to distinguish between the two sexes.

SCOUT: Oh, okay, so you are male but the ones on the streets are both. Does Catlanta have a message for Atlanta?
CATLANTA: I don't think there's one specific message I'm attempting to convey with Catlanta. Catlanta's aim is to challenge people's perceptions of street art, encourage participation, and get people out of their houses to explore the city. I want people to have positive reactions from seeing a Catlanta piece around town.

SCOUT: I can dig that. And where can people get a hold of one?
CATLANTA: All over the city. I do my best to spread the cats out as much as possible, but as a one-man operation, I can't really spend all day driving to every neighborhood in Atlanta. Typically the east side of town tends to get more Catlanta sightings since I spend more time there.

SCOUT: Maybe you need to hire an assistant kitten? A cat that makes calls and uses Google Calendars. What does Catlanta do in his free time?
CATLANTA: I really enjoy taking baths and reading (at the same time). When I'm not bathing, I like to watch documentaries, bike, and go to art shows. Nowadays though, I mostly just make cats.

SCOUT: Since you don't have an assistant, someone's gotta do it. Got any favorite local street artists?
CATLANTA: Ola Bad has been on point lately. He's got a lot of drive and passion for what he does and it shows in his work. Evereman has definitely been an inspiration for me and I think Atlanta is really lucky to have him around. I can't forget to mention Smut Trooper either for cleverly changing Catlanta to Scatlanta, comic genius.

SCOUT: Stellar choices. And any groups that inspire you?
CATLANTA: The folks over at Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts. I've thoroughly enjoyed every show I've attended there. I went to see the Ghastly Dreadfuls production this past Halloween and left the theater so impressed with what I had seen. They do some amazing things with puppets.

SCOUT: They're great, but let's please emphasize what they do with, not to puppets. Where in Atlanta do you go to get new ideas?
CATLANTA: Work. I find that I come up with most of my ideas while on the clock. My job doesn't require too much effort so my mind tends to wander and ideas start to form.

SCOUT: When you're not working or dropping off cats, where do you go to just chill?
CATLANTA: During the day, ParkGrounds is one of my favorite places in the city. I'm fascinated by dogs and their behavior and usually end up staying there way longer than expected. At night, I like El Myr for the nacho burritos and grizzes.

SCOUT: So without curiosity doing any harm to cats, what’s your favorite “curious find” in Atlanta?
CATLANTA: There's this restaurant on Moreland a little before Starlight Drive-In called “Why? Shawn's and Dad Restaurant". I've never eaten there, but I think it's got one of the best restaurant names around. I don't even know what they serve, but I'm going to make it out there someday.

SCOUT: Got something people wouldn’t expect about you (weird, random, whatever)?
CATLANTA: The last movie I saw in theaters was Never Say Never. It didn't give me Bieber Fever, perhaps because I didn't see it in 3-D, but I am really impressed with JB's drumming skills.

SCOUT: Finally, throw out a shameless plug of where people can know more about what you’re up to.
CATLANTA: People can follow Catlanta on Twitter or on Facebook for info on where the kittens will end up next.