Forever you love Atlanta. Right? But if you did have to (gasp!) abandon our fair city for some other place, you'd have to do your last day right. We asked you to try and fit as much fun into a hypothetical last day in Atlanta as possible, and you gave some pretty awesome answers of bucket list to-do's. Behold, what said ye on your imaginary last day in the A:


As unhealthy as this may sound, I'd have to spend my last day in Atlanta cramming as much tasty A-town goodness down my gullet as possible. I think I'd start with the pancakes at Ria's, mosey on down Memorial for one of Anne's ghetto burgers, take a stroll around Cabbagetown to say goodbye to my 'hood, don my scuba gear and smuggle myself into the big tank at the Georgia Aquarium so I can finally ride a whale shark (lifelong dream; don't hate), have a very fancy dinner at Bacchanalia using someone else's credit card (they'll never find me after I leave!), take a disco nap in Oakland Cemetery, re-energize with some Octane fuel, then hit all the best music venues in town. I'd probably try to re-open the original Lenny's for one night as well. A fine evening punctuated with one last farewell to the Clermont. Might even perform alongside Blondie herself. I'll end the whole shebang with a 5 a.m. breakfast at R. Thomas, where I will teach one of his parrots how to say my name so my soul lives on long after I'm gone. (Those things can outlive humans.)


"Taco Mac. Wings and looting any beer not on my passport list."
-James W. Turek

"At Piedmont Park with Varsity chili dogs."
-Curtis Jenkins

Sitting on the patio at Las Palmeras with plantains.
-Beth Walker Ma

Flying Biscuit brunch, Jeffrey, Westside Arts District, The Porter happy hour, JCT, Morelli's desert and Graveyard Tavern to end!

"Eating. The Vortex Bar and Grill in Little Five Points burger, R. Thomas Deluxe Grill hummus and grilled veggies, The Atlanta Cupcake Factory cupcakes, pancakes from Plaza, drinks from Trader Vics, popcorn from the Porter, pizza from Savage."
-Kelly Smith

"I eat ten burritos and fly a Sesame Street kite."
-David Carlton

"Sitting in traffic on the Connector"
-Darren Callahan

"In my last 24 hrs in Atlanta, I'd see a Braves game and go kayaking."

"Running around atlanta to eat at every local burger joint in the area and then passing out at Piedmont Park."
-Christopher Octa

"Eating a large Zesto ice cream, then being beaten unconscious by Blondie....?"
-Baron Chandler

"Three words: Holeman and Finch"

"Sitting outside on the square in Decatur drinking with friends."
-Ida Beth Barner

"A hypothetical last day in Atlanta would have to somehow include Antico and Sublime Doughnut."

"Omelette breakfast at Crescent Moon in Decatur, followed by a morning stroll at the Botanical Garden, maybe a shady spot there to read a great book like Peachtree Road, grabbing some seafood chowder at Six Feet Under, walking through the shops of VA Highlands, definitely drinks and dinner at Cakes & Ale and if Grocery on Home or Eddie's has a show I want to see, that's where dessert happens!"
-Karin Pendley Koser

"Breakfast @ Waffle House...then lunch @ Whole Foods on Ponce....then Magic City.....then Clermont Lounge...back to Waffle House.."
-Logan Blaze

"Walk with friends at Piedmont Park, cilantro corn pancakes Highland Bakery, wash that down with the best bloody mary in town, on the rooftop of Six Feet Under (Grant Park location). Next, stroll around Oakland Cemetery (surprisingly lovely). Make my way to the Highlands by way of the King of Pops - mosey around the shops for a couple hours. Dinner at Wisteria (YUM), late night drinks down in Decatur - Leon's and Brickstore. big day!"
-Lauren Berger

"Getting my hair done like Monica Kaufman-Pearson, going to the Pony with South Side Steve, then plummeting to my death off the Westin Peachtree Plaza cuz I couldn't bear living anywhere other than the ATL."
-Michael McLaughlin

"Like a G6"
-Laryn Alfred

"In the ATL Botanical Gardens, then dinner at Tierra."
-Jo Kenney


An organic farmer's market in Atlantic Station. An indie art gallery in Midtown. A second Bacchanalia location in your backyard. Everyone has a real estate wish list for Atlanta, and we want to hear yours. Could Virginia-Highland use a good bookstore? How about a sweet record store in Kirkwood? And the real multi-million dollar question: what the heck would you do with City Hall East?

We're all ears! Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter @scoutmob with your answers. And remember, there's glory to be had for the people with the best answers, so don't hold back. Really, you're only hurting yourself.