A record store in Cabbagetown. A craft beer shop in Kirkwood. And for the love of all that is mobile, help us with transit! If only those developers would listen to us. But hey, even if they won't, we still have plenty of ideas for our city. Which is why we asked you: What's on your real estate wishlist for Atlanta?


Of course we need better transit, more greenspaces in some neighborhoods, and all those other things we've been begging for. But I also think the citizens of Atlanta could benefit from some stress-relief. Which is why I propose turning the colossal City Hall East into one enormous, incredible paintball course. The building gets to see a revival of use; Atlantans get a good workout; the City can use the proceeds for all those actually legitimate things we asked for. Everyone wins! We'll just have to be sure and clear the place out first. Or not... that might make things more fun. Of course, we could also forego the paintball idea and bring this idealistic vision of Ponce's future to life. If only.


“Not so much real estate as zoning code, but all parts of Atlanta need outdoor music past 11”

“A network of pathways, parks and reliable, clean transit connecting the major hubs of the city (Perimeter, Buckhead, MidTown, Downtown).”
-Michael Rock

“Chamblee is ready for more than just antiques. Situated ITP and with prime MARTA access, it's ready for bars & eateries along the lines of EAV or Virginia Highlands.”
-Amanda Lauter

“Intelligent development. I'm a realtor and some of the projects have not been the Live/Work/Play as promised by the developers. We need politicians with vision and integrity to get the metro ATL more unified and easier to get around.”
-Eric Benjamin

“Smaller fully-fenced dog parks in the Midtown/Buckhead area. (Piedmont is nice but smaller neighborhood ones would be awesome.) Also an indoor or covered dog park for rainy days would be great.”
-Jessica Weiss

“A series of good multi ethnic diners open 24/7, a good regional mass transit system that covers the WHOLE North, South, East, and West Metro Areas 24/7, and World Peace... :)”
-Scott Good

“Bike Paths!! I'd like to drive to work without killing a biker and if I'm biking, I'd like to get around town without Dying!”
-Liz Wang

“Transit, transit, and more transit. When people can move from neighborhood to neighborhood, everything else will naturally happen on its own.”
-Michael Demmons

“This city will grind to a halt without more transit options, traffic lights that are synchronized, some innovative road measures (banning left turns on certain streets during times of the day, etc.) and an enhanced MARTA system. As well, accelerate development of parklands currently only on the drawing boards.”
-Dave Dudar

“Real NY pizza and great Szechuan in Kirkwood. We need another coffee house in Kirkwood. A pediatirician and pediatric dentist would both do great in Kirkwood.”
-Alice Jonsson

“more shops, restaurants, etc on the Westside (including near Capitol View, West End, Adair Park, West Midtown, etc)...”
-Stephanie Gobler

“Clean up ponce de leon and renovate city hall east. What an eyesore to our neighborhood.”
-Jennifer Hager

“City Hall East is a beautiful historic Atlanta landmark, and all it needs is someone with vision to draw out its potential-- something like this gem in Toronto: www.401richmond.net
-Angela Smith

“Something AWESOME at the old GM Plant in Doraville! I can walk there!”
-Michelle Harper


Perhaps it's your favorite VIP lounge at a club. Maybe it's a swanky private dining area in one of Atlanta's best restaurants. Paris on Ponce has the Moulin Rouge; Spice Market has the Pond Room; the Gravity Pub has that downstairs basement with retro arcade games. And you have a favorite. Which is it?

We're all ears! Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter @scoutmob with your answers. And remember, there's glory to be had for the people with the best answers, so don't hold back. Really, you're only hurting yourself.