Fifty artists. Eight bands. A puppy booth. Do we really need to say more? Well, we do, but we'll let Nadia from The Moon And Pluto take the stage to let you know what's in store for Artlantis festival-goers this year.

Artlantis is bringing emerging Atlanta artists together for an all-day festival on Saturday, June 4. With 50 artists and 8 bands, Artlantis presents a slew of work from creative minds, focusing on the artists that push boundaries and refuse to settle into a mold.

James McConnell, along with co-founder Mark Basehore, began Artlantis two years ago, throwing together a festival in a couple weeks with 8 bands and 20 artists. Since then, the interest and excitement surrounding the festival has grown and so has the amount of art!

McConnell, who runs Beep Beep Gallery was able to hand-pick the artists for this year, half of which are artists that have previously shown at Beep Beep, while the others were found through submissions. McConnell says, “We were looking for stuff that you wouldn’t find at other festivals, something more unique, expressing something interesting.”

Among the myriad of Artlantis artists will be a couple of McConnell’s favorite local record labels, Double Phantom and Pretty Ambitious Records, as well as some artist organizations, such as Dashboard Co-Op. There’s a puppy booth for anyone wanting to get cuddly with a bunch of adorable puppies. And then there’s the music… Lucy Dreams, Adron, Lyonnais, Social Studies, The Clap, Chandu’s, Mule Skinner MacQueen, and Magic Apron.

The art will run you anywhere from $5-$500, but most of the artists are bringing smaller stuff, prints, and art made specifically for the festival. McConnell hopes that Atlantis becomes a regular summer tradition in Atlanta and plans to stick with it as long as it keeps growing.

Artlantis Arts and Music Festival happens Saturday, June 4, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. in the parking lot of Druid Hills Baptist Church at 1085 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast.

Folks interested in volunteering, contact

P.S. Immediately following the Artlantis festival is a Ponce Crush art opening featuring Louis N LaPierre and Sanithna Phansavanh. Beep Beep Gallery, 7pm.

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