Keep your ear to the ground, and you just might hear the rumbling sound of ATL's arts scene, movin' and shakin'. (Of course, you might also get plowed down by a MARTA bus, but we digress.) Two major art events are in the planning stages for this fall, and we're just diggin' the heck out of seeing Atlanta play hostess with the mostess for some majorly awesome events.

Living Walls was a huge success last year when it alit on Atlanta, setting out to open up the dialogue about one of ATL's touchier subjects. Artists came from all over to beautify the city's walls, all of which were offered to the conference as a sponsorship. The conference is revving up to outdo itself this year, bringing in national and international street artists like Escif, Sam3, and Roa. And if you have a wall that would look better like this than like this, give the Living Walls folks a heads-up, because they're in need of some canvases.

At the same time, the Office of Cultural Affairs is initiating Elevate, a series of exhibitions in Downtown throughout this coming fall. With work from local, national, and international artists, it's safe to say this event will put Atlanta a little closer to the national spotlight. They're on the lookout for sponsors, so if you want to be a part of something bound to be big for our city, let them know.

While Living Walls and Elevate are two totally different organizations, they both have a similar mission that we can get down with: to give the rest of the world something to talk about, y'all! Okay, maybe a little more eloquent than that: to bring Atlantans together in celebrating Atlanta's burgeoning arts community, and give said community Mad Props thusly. We dig it.