Oh, our stars and garters. If there are two things we love, they are i). our great city of Atlanta, and ii). an appreciation for yesteryear. And recently, we stumbled upon a swell little site that combines the two beautifully. ATL Retro is the cat's pajamas in blog form, self-described as a comprehensive guide to 20th-century happ'nins in the 21st century. From roller derby to cult flicks at the Plaza; from meeting Atlanta's kool kats to sipping on mai tais in a retro tiki wonderland, ATL Retro is giving us our fix of old-timey fun. Who needs jetpacks and Skype when you've got pin-up girls and '80s splatter cinema at the same time?

We're diggin' you, ATL Retro, for letting us live in the past and have a nifty time doing it.