Reason #842 to hit the interstate and spend an afternoon or evening at Serenbe: the Serenbe Playhouse. That's right; the Chattahoochee Hills spread isn't just an idyllic haven of farm animals and wildflowers. It's an idyllic haven of farm animals, wildflowers, and theatre, thanks to the talented actors who make up the Playhouse. ArtsCriticATL made the trek to see the troupe's performance of "Shipwrecked!", an entertaining romp of yarn-spinning that all takes place on Serenbe's finest stage: the outdoors. Read on to see what the pro culture-hunters thought of the show, and keep up with Atlanta's cultural goings-on over at

A complimentary shot of golden rum for everyone in the house! A sing-along of sea chanteys including the immortal, “What Will We Do With a Drunken Sailor?” Gentle rain falling from the sky at the precise moment our long-winded hero talks about crying real tears.

Welcome to Donald Margulies’ “Shipwrecked!” — a 19th century adventure story loosely based on a historical figure and clearly influenced by Shakespeare, Twain, Dickens and Darwin. The rummy sing-along is the handiwork of director Brian Clowdus, who stages this carnival-style “entertainment” about a maritime hero and his incredible tale of diving for pearls, riding astride giant sea turtles and falling in love with a beautiful aborigine.

And the raindrops, well, that’s just another unscripted detail on a typical night at Serenbe Playhouse, where Clowdus’s resident ensemble is winding up its second season of site-specific performances with “Shipwrecked! An Entertainment: The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougement (As Told by Himself).” While the show is designed with low-tech sound effects made from ordinary objects, Nature frequently adds commentary of her own in the form of thunder, birdsongs, Georgia heat and mosquitoes.

Head over to to see what Wendell Brock thought of the show. Aye, aye, cap'n.

PS: Ahoy, ye merry smartphone users can take the voyage to the Serenbe Playhouse for a sweet discount using their deal on our app. Happy sailing.