Look down at your shoes. Now look back at me. Now back at your shoes. Now back at me! Wouldn't they look so much cooler with neon green laces? The answer is yes, because not only are lime green laces timeless, elegant, and chic; they're also helping 20,000 people towards a better life.

Our co-founder, Michael Tavani, has teamed up with family members to run the NYC Marathon in November in order to spread awareness of Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare and painful skin disease affecting his niece, Ellie, and thousands of other children in the U.S. And they're strapping on some bright (really bright) green shoelaces to do it. The 1000 Laces project, which has already raised over $9,000 in its first week, means that you can contribute to research efforts to find a cure for EB and brighten up your own pair of kicks in the process. A $10 donation to 1000 Laces will help raise awareness for this rare disease and net you the most neon pair of green shoelaces you've ever seen in your life. And yes, they do make you run faster.

Check out 1000 Laces, spread the word, and get your kicks some new shoestrings. We dig it, and we think you will, too.