Jennifer Green knows how to put together one fine piece of bling. After launching her costume jewelry line, Drea James, in 2008, she's spread her sparkling creativity all around Atlanta, from Va-Hi's Meringue to Sole over on Edgewood. Her baubles have also been spotted around the necks of celebrities and on the pages of wedding mags, but fear not: this designer isn't high-tailing it to Hollywood upon the first whiff of fame. Her one-of-a-kind creations are brought to life in her Old Fourth Ward studio, where she incorporates vintage, semi-precious, and other shiny things into red carpet-worthy trimmings. Once you're finished learning all about Jennifer's favorite pieces and proudest moment as a designer, head over to her website to gaze in awe at all of the shiny.

SCOUT: Howdy, Jennifer. Could you describe your work for us?
Jennifer: Drea James designs are as unique as the person who wears them - wire wrapped jewelry creations that are all one of a kind. I typically buy single strands or just one/ two of any one item to further ensure that each piece is special. Vintage items, semi precious faceted stones & Swarovski crystals are my favorite components to use.

SCOUT: And do you have a favorite piece thus far?
Jennifer: All of my pieces are my “girls”, so it’s very hard to have a favorite. There are several that I have been excited to showcase than others – they are usually vintage, incorporating something bold like feathers, organic fabrics & faceted stones like green amethyst or larger chunks of carnelian/ smoky topaz.

SCOUT: How about your proudest moment so far in your life as a jewelry designer?
Jennifer: When I was asked to provide jewelry for last fall’s Fashion Week in New York. It was for bridal designer Tara LaTour & the pieces were inspired from the world’s most beautiful lakes, a play off of where her line was inspired from – a lake in Wisconscin where her parents fell in love. I used a lot of metal leaves, pearls & crystals. It was so much fun & a great experience to have such an ethereal dress collection to work with.

SCOUT: Finally, tell us about some Atlanta-area artists who inspire you or your work.
Jennifer: There are so many inspiring Atlanta artists, so this is a hard question. Ann Roth Shoes mixes both sophiscated glam & the practical with providing great comfort, plus she is tenacious & fearless about getting her items out into the marketplace. Kathleen Plate with Smart Glass took a fairly simple idea with a readily able resource & made it into a thriving, beautiful product line. Her current installation work is incredibly cool. Jason Carl taught me never stray too far from the timeless classic, giving one’s product years of staying power vs only a single season. Catherine Gordon with The Uncommon Finch inspired me to let go, to go more with the flow & be happy with the . I’m always very impressed with the artists from the various co-ops in town – At The Collective, Beehive, and Youngblood.