Things we love: Local businesses. Local music. Local art. Criminal Records is all of these things—a Little Five institution, home to gobs of awesome vinyl, obscure films, boatloads of comic books, graphic novels, and dozens of epic in-store performances. So when owner Eric Levin announced his plans yesterday to close the store by November, we—and a couple thousand other people—were crushed. Thus was born the Save Criminal Records campaign on Facebook, where 6,000-something people (and counting, since yesterday) are swapping ideas, offering their help, and pledging to pick up a little extra vinyl in hopes that, together, we can pull together and save a huge part of what makes L5P an amazing community.

So what can we do to help? (No, just "liking" the page on Facebook won't do much in the way of saving the day.)

As far as we see it, we'll be helping with our wallets—a "donation" in the form of some new vinyl for our office collection. You know, treat yourself to some new audible pleasurables in the name of doing good. Perhaps purchase a new Loss Cat tee courtesy of R. Land; maybe begin your adventures into comic book collecting. Rumor has it that Manchester Orchestra, Ronnie Land, Fallen Arrows, and other local musicians and artists are pitching in to help raise funds so that the Little Five landmark can keep the lights on.

While we can't exactly be happy about the circumstances, it sure does feel good to see Atlanta chipping in to save an awesome local business.

Criminal Records, we dig you. And we hope to pitch in however we can.